Bar Dining

Bar dining Friday nights only - from 5pm to 8pm

Special functions and outside hours to be arranged with the Bar Manager.

Gayle's Counter Menu

Items and prices are an indication of the quality provided and subject to change and availability.

Chips - small$3.50
Chips - large$5.50
Wedges w/ sour cream & thai chilli sauce$8.00
Fish (each)$4.00
Eggs (x2)$2.00
Battered mussels (each)$1.00
Scallops (each)$2.00
Garlic bread$3.00
Shrimp cocktail$10.00
Chicken kebabs - satay sauce on rice$7.00
Veg & curry samosa on salad garnish$6.00
Fish 'n' chips w/ fresh salad$16.00
Steak 'n' chips w/ creamed mushrooms, vegetables or chips and fresh salad$18.00
Roast of the day: everyone's old favourite! Check the specials board$16.00
Scallops (x6) battered w/ lemon and tartare sauce, salad, chips$17.00
Shared platter (seafood or mixed)$18.00
Homemade hamburger w/ chips$10.00
Homemade cheeseburger w/ chips $10.00
Homemade eggburger w/ chips $10.00
Homemade worksburger w/ chips$12.00
Fillings: Cheese, Tomato, Ham, Egg, Pineapple, Onion
1 Filling$3.00
2 Fillings$3.50
Fillings: Steak, Bacon
1 Filling$4.00
2 Fillings$4.50
Any extra filling (non-meat)$0.50
Any extra filling meat$2.00
Cheesecake w/ Ice-cream$6.00
Dairy free cake (check for availability)$4.00
Banana fritter w/ ice-cream and cream$6.00
Brandy Snaps w/ ice-cream and cream$6.00


Counter Menu is available Friday nights only. Gayle is available to discuss bookings for extra functions.

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